COVID-19: Assessing what constitutes a Vet Visit.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued this communication as a means of guidance on what constitutes Urgent and Emergency Care during the present pandemic , in line with the government’s lock-down restrictions.

These guidelines are in effect for the next THREE WEEKS following the Prime Minister’s announcement, and will be reviewed and subject to change then.

Examples to help assess whether a case is urgent or an emergency:

SUSPEND/ DELAY following activities:
• Pre-purchase examinations
• Routine dental work
• 6-monthly flu vaccinations
• Stallion licensing
• Routine health checks
• Riding school inspections
• Radiography for sales or survey studies
• Routine reproductive work
• Poor performance investigations
• Joint medication
• Vaccinations (unless due SECOND vaccine of primary course in next 3 weeks)

Remotely contact the Vet in the first instance (phone/ text/ Whatsapp):
• Repeat medication checks, if stable
• Mild trauma
• Skin issues
• Lumps
• Wounds
• Sarcoids or other skin tumours
• Nasal discharge/cough
• Inappetence

VET VISIT required as physical examination deemed necessary:
• Any of the above deemed necessary following remote triage or consultation
• Quidding (dropping of food)
• Painful facial, jaw or limb swelling
• Eye complaints
• Severe trauma/haemorrhage
• Difficulty breathing
• Severe acute lameness/laminitis
• Colic
• Acute diarrhoea
• Acute ataxia/neurological conditions
• Foaling and post-foaling problems (including retained foetal membranes)
• Sickness/lameness in foal
• Euthanasia

Whilst this list may seem obvious PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about the health or welfare of your companion equines.

Stay safe.