COVID-19 information

updated 13th April 2020

Veterinary surgeons have been given updated guidance for the expected extended lockdown period.

The RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) have published a series of measures to allow some resumption of activity THOUGH following stringent RISK ASSESSMENTS.

We must initially triage any potential call to assess whether:

– the case cannot be supported remotely in the first instance,

– that social distancing can be maintained during any visit,

– that the case will not have any animal health implications if not carried out within 2 months.

IF we feel a visit is necessary, a telephone Risk Assessment Checklist must be undertaken with the client prior to the visit and the client must receive a CLIENT RISK CHECKLIST, by email, prior to our arrival.

The Risk Checklist states in particular that IF ANYONE at the property has developed signs that could be due to COVID-19 prior to the visit, then you MUST notify your veterinary surgeon immediately.

So this new advice should allow us to re start routine vaccinations, continue to see emergencies and undertake breeding work.

As always PLEASE contact me if you have any concerns about your pony’s or horse’s health and welfare.